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Our Mission
To Rescue as many homeless animals from the City of Madison, Alabama as possible...
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Personal Information

Name:                    ____________________________________________________________

Address:                _________________________________________________________       

Home number:                                   Cell:                                   Work/Alt. Phone:____________

Best time to call?                 _____________________________________________________

Email address:                      _____________________________________________________

Where do you work?                                                 _                Full time?        |        Part-time?


What is the name of the animal you are interested in adopting? ________________________Animal's ID number?_______________


Home & Family Information

Do you:   Own a home   |   Rent a home   |   Live in an apartment   |   Live in a dorm

If you do not own your residence, will your landlord allow you to keep this animal?           
May we contact your landlord for confirmation? Please provide contact information:

How long have you lived at this residence?

Who lives in the home (list gender and age):

Do you currently own any animals? List all pets you own, their age, and how long you have owned them (please include a list of animals you have owned in the past 10 years and where they are now):

Are all four legged animals you own spayed or neutered?     Yes   |   No
*If no, are you willing to do so? Why or why not?

Are your pets up to date on all their shots, including rabies and bordetella?   Yes   |   No  

List all your pets ages, sizes, breed and if living or deceased.

Do the listed pets still reside with you?

If not, where are they now?

Are the listed pets kept inside, outside or both?

Have you ever adopted a pet from Madison Animal Rescue Foundation?   

Vet Information (if applicable)

Personal Veterinarian/Clinic:             


Pet Information

Where did you first see the animal you’d like to adopt? 
Adoption Event  |  MARF’s Website  |  Another Website (please list)         |  Other

Why did you choose this particular animal?

Have you researched or are you familiar with this type/breed of animal?

For adopters of dogs:

Will this dog be:   indoors   |   outdoors   |   both

If the dog will be primarily outside, do you have adequate shelter for it? Please describe:

Do you have a fenced in yard?   Yes   |   No     If yes, how tall?                    
*If no, how will you keep the animal safe?

Are you planning to attend basic obedience classes?   Yes   |   No
If no, why not?

For adopters of cats

Will this cat be an indoor cat?   Yes   |   No

*If no, how will you keep it safe?

If you are interested in a cat, will you provide a place for the cat to climb?

If interested in a cat, do you have concerns about the litter box, annoying behaviors, hair on furniture, scratching, or climbing??

If you are interested in adopting a cat, will you have it declawed?

Do you want to know about alternatives to declawing?

Other Information

Why do you want to own a pet?

In the event that this animal is unavailable, what is a general description of the kind of pet you would like to adopt?

How often will you exercise your pet and how?

Are you willing and able to deal with and correct all the issues that may come with owning a pet? (housebreaking, chewing, digging, barking, marking, etc.)   Yes   |   No
                *If yes, how, if no, why not?

How do you plan to introduce your new pet to the other pets in the household?

If you go out of town, or move, what will you do with your pet?

Under what circumstances would you return an adopted MARF animal to MARF or give up ownership of the pet?
 (ie. not housebroken, too hyper, etc.)

How did you become aware of Madison A.R.F.?

Will you allow a home visit by MARF prior to finalization of the adoption?    Yes   |   No

If no, why not?  

REQUIREMENTS: I am at least 21 years old. My pets are kept primarily indoors. They are social and need to be part of the family. I agree to return the animal to MARF if unable or unwilling to take care of the animal in the future. I agree not to get an animal to give as a pet. If you are getting a pet for a child, you must take responsibility for it. Children cannot take proper care of a pet alone. Puppies and kittens that have not been spayed or neutered can only be adopted locally unless special arrangements are made. (We cover the cost of spay/neuter at MARF local vets and all animals must be spayed/neutered). Many of our dogs have a history of getting out, therefore they require appropriate containment/fenced yard for outside.

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